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Non-Compliance of Telephone Order Authentication

Medical Staff Suspensions Go into Effect May 12 for

Non-Compliance of Telephone Order Authentication

To ensure the highest quality of patient care, physicians must authenticate/sign all telephone/verbal orders within 48 hours at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This timely authentication requirement applies to ALL orders that may or may not include medications.

Beginning Monday, May 12, if a physician is found to be non-compliant with the timely authentication of orders, they may be put on Medical Record Administrative Suspension (added to the daily medical records suspension list).

Physicians must authenticate all telephone and verbal orders via electronic signature in Web/VS within the 48-hour period. Physicians are urged to limit telephone orders to those important to immediate care, and to use verbal orders for emergency or urgent situations only. Physicians can also fax signed orders to nursing units or the nursing office, or come to the nursing unit to write their orders.

Any physician who is found to be non-compliant will be contacted and informed that he/she needs to electronically authenticate their telephone order immediately. In addition, their clinical chief/chair will be notified of the non-compliance.

Regarding verbal orders, it is Cedars-Sinai's policy that nurses will not accept verbal orders unless it is a life-threatening situation or in the OR/procedure area when a physician is scrubbed.