The Web/VS Tip of the Week

Personal Patient List Sharing

Web/VS allows you to share your Personal Patient List (PPL) with one or more other physicians. This can be very helpful when other physicians are covering for you on the weekend or at night. The other physicians can also see (but not modify) your personal memos about your patients.

To share your PPL:

  1. Log into Web/VS;
  2. Enter a physician's last name in the Physician Search textbox and press the Enter key or click the GO button;
  3. If more than one physician is displayed, scroll through the list to find the physician who will be covering for you;
  4. Click the checkbox to the left of the physician name and scroll to the bottom of the physician list. Then click on the "Assign My PPL To Marked Physicians" button.

Note: If you would like to view a physician's PPL, then the physician will need to assign the list to you following the steps listed above.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web/VS Support Team at (310) 423-2828 or via e-mail at You can also click on the "Contact Us" button in Web/VS (located in the blue shaded area on the bottom left side of the screen).