PACS in the OR Update

310 Building Surgical Suites Go Filmless on Monday, Sept. 8

Beginning Monday, Sept. 8, the surgical suites of the 310 Building will be filmless, with PACS images available via Web/VS.

  • Back-up CDs will be provided in place of film.
  • Laminated instruction cards will be located in the area where the cart will be positioned.
  • Advance viewing of outside CDs on these workstations is recommended.
  • Screensavers have been removed and Web/VS log on will stay active up to four hours.

Deployment of Back-Up PACS Workstations

OR-compatible workstations are now available on surgical floors 5, 8, 7, 6 and 3 to view PACS images via Web/VS. These workstations are located in the OR surgeon's lounges, with the exception of the 5th floor, where is it positioned in Room 5341.

If you have questions/comments, please contact Mischa Harris, assistant manager of Imaging Information and Logistics, at (310) 423-4440.

Also coming soon in Pulse: an announcement regarding major Vocada upgrades