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Countdown to CS-Link

Medication-Use launches successfully

Medication Use, the first of the CS-Link clinical applications to launch, went live throughout the medical center last month.

During the July 24-25 go-live:

  • more than 600 people worked through the weekend;
  • pharmacy loaded and verified 16,400 orders;
  • nursing reconciled every Medication Administration Record;
  • and the technology team processed over 100 migrations.

"We're off to a great start launching the CS-Link clinical applications," said Paul Silka, M.D., chief medical information officer and medical director for clinical informatics. "This is our first big step toward implementing an electronic medical record that can follow patients throughout every aspect of care. The go-live went exceptionally well and I want to give thanks to everyone who participated in the launch, particularly the nursing, respiratory and pharmacy team members."

With regard to any specific problems from the go-live, "at every go-live, we know little fixes, or programming enhancements will be required," Dr. Silka said. "The CS-Link Team anticipated these and rapidly completed those needed to achieve the best fit between the Med Use system and the caregivers."

Medication Use replaces the existing medication management systems (CareVue and HartMeds) and incorporates state-of-the-art medication alerts and enhanced verification processes. Use of the application will result in more accurate medication dispensing and improved patient safety.

The next CS-Link application set to launch is ASAP, which affects the Emergency Department and is scheduled for go-live in November. The first phase of the Inpatient go-live is also set for November.

In related news, the Medical Executive Committee extended the life of the CS-Link Medical Staff Oversight Committee through Dec. 31, 2010, as the implementation continues.

Vipul Patel, PharmD, inputs the first order ever entered in the system.