The Web/VS Tip of the Week

CS-Link Medication Lists

As of July 25, Web/VS is receiving medication orders for inpatient and ICU patients in real-time via CS-Link.

Previously, the medication orders received for inpatients were updated every three hours and the ICU patients were updated hourly. The outpatient electronic medical record system (Centricity/Logician), the outpatient pharmacy system (Etreby), the emergency department system (EmStat), and the labor and delivery system (WatchChild) medication lists are transferred as the result of patient visits.

The CS-Link Medication lists can be accessed in Web/VS in several locations. The most common method is via the "Recent Results" screen; the latest medication list will always float to the top of the "recent results" view. You can click on the medication list title to view the full medication list. The format of the medication list is the same as before. Meds are organized into "scheduled" and "PRN" categories.

The second way to view CS-Link medication orders is in the "Orders" section of Web/VS.

The third method is to select "Medications" from the "Reports" menu. A summary of all the historical medication lists for the patient appears in the right-hand pane of the window.

The fourth method is to view the QuickLook report, which includes a concise version of the medication list.

Note: Since the interface is now real-time, discharge medication lists need to be completed before the patient is discharged. It is no longer possible to do it after the fact because all medication orders are automatically canceled upon discharge.

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