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Countdown to CS-Link

Revenue Cycle launches March 1

Physicians will see some minor changes when the first phase of CS--Link, the new electronic information system, goes live March 1.

CS-Link Revenue Cycle merges many of the existing patient scheduling, registration and billing activities that are currently done by stand-alone systems. CS-Link Clinical, which will connect patient medical data across departments, is set to launch later this year.

When the Revenue Cycle launches, physicians will notice differences between the CS-Link Face Sheet and the PCX Face Sheet. Two changes will also be made to the Web/VS Face Sheet.

The new CS-Link Face Sheet will maintain the majority of its 70 fields with the following changes:

  • New Fields
    • Patient Social Security Number (only last four digits are printed) in Patient Information Name of Signed Privacy Policies on File/Attached (for example: HIPAA) in Patient Information
    • Name of Signed Privacy Policies on File/Attached (for example: HIPAA) in Patient Information
    • Guarantor Work Phone
    • Date and time of inpatient admissions in new "IP ADMIT DT/TM" field
    • Self pay patients identified as "YES" in new "SELF PAY" field in Insurance Information
    • Research patients identified as "YES" in new "RESEARCH" field in Account information
  • Fields Not Carried Over
    • Bar Code in Header (will be added back in with CS-Link Clinical implementation)
    • Date Privacy Policy Signed (not available in CS-Link)
    • Time of Last Admission in Account Information (not available in CS-Link)
    • Guarantor Birth Date (not available in CS-Link)
    • Registered by information in Footer (not available in CS-Link)
  • Changes in Nomenclature and Data
    • Header
      • Account Status replaced by Contact Status (12 categories)
    • Account Information
      • Account Number replaced by Contact Serial Number (CSN)
      • Admissions Date and Time replaced by Arrival Date and Time (ARRIVAL DT/TM)
      • Patient Type replaced by Patient Class
    • Insurance Information
      • Name replaced by Payor Name and Plan Name
      • Insurance Master List (IML) replaced Plan ID
      • Group Name consolidated into Medgroup

To ensure consistency with the CS-Link Face Sheet, two minor changes will be made to the existing Web/VS Face Sheet:

  • Contact Serial Number (CSN), which identifies each patient encounter, replaces the old Account Number
  • Case Number on the existing Web/VS Face Sheet was deleted

To learn more about how CS-Link Revenue Cycle affects physicians, please visit the CS-Link physician webpage on the Intranet. Luncheons were held for physicians' office staff earlier this month, and information packets will be sent to their offices.

The March 1 launch of CS-Link Revenue Cycle includes the following applications:

  • CS-Link Cadence (Scheduling)
  • CS-Link Prelude (Registration)
  • CS-Link ADT (Patient Placement and Census Management)
  • CS-Link Resolute (Hospital Billing)
  • CS-Link HID (Coding and Abstracting)