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The Web/VS Tip of the Week

How to search by Patient Lists

There are many different ways to search for a patient within the Easy Search screen. If searching by name, medical record number or room number does not produce results, there are other options available under the Patient List section.

The Patient List menu options are:

  • Emergency Department - Displays a list of ED patients
  • Inpatient Roster - Displays all patients on the user's personal patient list who are currently assigned to an inpatient bed, all inpatients who have the current user as admitting or attending physician and all inpatients who were admitted by or attended by any physician who has assigned their PPL to this user
  • Personal Patient List - Displays the list of patients that have been "bookmarked" by the current user for quick access
  • Non-Home ICU Patients - Displays a list of Non-Home ICU patients
  • Recent Patients - Displays a list of patients you recently viewed
  • Hospital Unit - Displays a second field with the list of Hospital Units
  • Hospital Service - Displays a second field with the list of Hospital Services
  • Patient Care Team - Displays a second field with a list of all the Patient Care Teams
  • Census by Unit - Displays the Inpatient Census by Nursing Unit
  • Census by Service - Displays the Patient Census by Hospital Service Code

To search for patients using the Patient List:

  1. Make a selection from the Patient List Menu on the left-hand side menu
  2. Click the Go button to the right of the menu
  3. After the first selection is made from the menu, a second list of choices is available for selection
  4. Make a selection from the List Menu
  5. Click the Go button to the right of the menu
  6. After all the selections have been made from the menus, a list of patients will be displayed
  7. Click any patient name to display results for that patient

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