The Web/VS Tip of the Week

How to use Web/VS Status Indicators

Web/VS displays real-time status information at the bottom of the log-in page for the interfaces between each of the major source systems and the Clinical Data Repository (CDR). Each indicator represents data from a specific application. Based on the flow of the data from the source system, either a green, yellow or red indicator will display.

The colors are as follows:

  • Green: The link from the source system is up to date, and the data being displayed by Web/VS is current.
  • Yellow: The link from the source system is operating, but delayed. If a result cannot be found in Web/VS, consider contacting the department performing the study.
  • Red: The link from the source system is severely delayed or not operational. Contact the department performing the study for recent results.

For example, if the HID indicator is yellow, the display of a dictated report may be delayed due to the data coming from the source system. Once the indicator is green, the display of the dictated reports will be current.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web/VS Support Team at (310) 423-2828 or via e-mail at You can also click on the "Contact Us" button in Web/VS (located in the blue shaded area on the bottom left side of the screen).