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Results are in for 2008 MD/RN Survey

Physicians' perceptions of communication improve

Results of the 2008 MD/RN Satisfaction Survey show significant improvement in physicians' perception of the MD/RN Collaborative and the ease of communication with nursing staff via cell phones.

A total of 394 physicians and 1,164 R.N.s responded to the online survey conducted in fall 2008.

Notable improvements were made in the following areas based on physician responses:

  • The perception of the MD/RN Collaborative as an effective forum for physicians to share concerns and suggestions
  • Effective communication between nursing staff and physicians regarding patient care
  • Nursing staff being responsive when physicians need assistance
  • Satisfaction with the overall expertise of the nursing staff

On all items with national benchmarks for comparison, Cedars-Sinai physicians and nurses perceived issues more favorably than similar populations across the U.S.

The survey documented differences in opinions between nurses and doctors when it comes to issues of responsiveness, however. Nurses viewed items such as physicians taking time to explain orders less favorably than their M.D. counterparts.

"The unit-based breakdown is now available through your unit's Nurse Champion," said Chris Ng, M.D., co-chair of the MD/RN Collaborative. "I encourage all physicians to attend the next unit collaborative meeting to review these results and to contribute to improvement efforts on your unit."

For more information about the survey, contact Dr. Ng at chris.ng@cshs.org or (310) 423-4700.