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The Web/VS Tip of the Week

How to view the QuickLook Display

The "QuickLook" view organizes the latest results on file for the current patient for a variety of common lab tests and also displays an abbreviated version of the current medication list and hourly ICU data (if the patient is in a CareVue unit).

By default, only recent lab results are retrieved. The search can be expanded to include all results on file for the patient by clicking the "Expand" button at the bottom of the page.

Test names are hotlinked to enable a "drill-down" report for trending of that specific result, and test group titles are hotlinked to the grid-style flowsheet for that constellation of tests.

The medication groups (scheduled or PRN) are hotlinked by the group title to the full medication lists. Individual medication names are hotlinked to a popup window that provides detailed dosing information and special instructions.

Viewing QuickLook

  1. Log into Web/VS and select a patient in the usual way.
  2. You can reach the QuickLook report three different ways:
    • Click the QuickLook button at the lower end of the blue navigation bar
    • Select QuickLook from the Reports menu
    • Display the All Reports listing by clicking the GO button to the right of the Reports menu, and then click the QuickLook hotlink under Lab Results.

Note: The QuickLook display can be set as the default view after patient selection by updating your settings in the User Profile in the Web/VS Result/Report Display Configuration section.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web/VS Support Team at (310) 423-2828 or via e-mail at mdsupport@cshs.org. You can also click on the "Contact Us" button in Web/VS (located in the blue shaded area on the bottom left side of the screen).