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AHSP Construction is Now Live on the Web

Excavation brings to mind current building's roots

You can watch the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion's creation, from excavation to final construction, as it happens online.

Facilities Planning, Design and Construction has a video camera trained on the Pavilion project site. Click here to view streaming video of the site. (If prompted by your Web browser, you will need to install the "active controls" necessary to view the video feed.)

For some, the current construction project brings to mind when the main medical center building was being constructed in the 1970s. In 1973, Irwin M. Weinstein, M.D., chief of medical staff, Mount Sinai Hospital Division, wrote in the "Cedars-Sinai Medical Staff Center News":

"It is late Friday evening, the end of another tiring but productive week. The rain splatters the Staff Office window making gooey mud puddles out of that huge hole that surrounds all I can see.

We're really going to build you at last. Most didn't believe it possible. Ten years of false starts and premature hopes. 34 months to go if the rain ever stops. There is much to do to get ready and quite suddenly time is short ...

But, what are you going to be, my muddy friend in the ground? Bigness does not insure greatness. We want our patients to relate to how we care for them, not to a triage of bricks and mortar ...

Patient care is our long suit ... Our philosophy of personalized medical care must be fixed in with the cement of the foundation, like a time capsule.

The rain is slowing down now. Maybe by Monday we can start building again. You lovely mud pie need some guidance as you grow up. What might you need most? I would say good will, patience, wisdom, faith in our collective judgment, and a sense of humor. I believe we can get it all together. We are unique at Cedars-Sinai."