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Web/VS Tip of the Week

Remote access to Outlook without SecurID or VPN

Viewing Outlook without the need for a SecurID or VPN connection is available to remote users. A PDF of detailed instructions on how to set up your laptop or PC is available through the link below.

If you are on campus, you can view the information via the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Intranet site ( http://web.csmc.edu ) by following the instructions below:

  • Select Service Departments in the left navigation bar
  • Select Enterprise Information Service (EIS)
  • Select E-mail Support (located under Service Departments)
  • Select E-mail Set-up and Usage Information
  • Select How to Guides
  • Select Outlook-RPC Configuration (located under Documents for PC Users)

Upon request, the Web/VS Support Team will e-mail or fax the instructions to you.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Web/VS Support Team at (310) 423-2828 or via e-mail at mdsupport@cshs.org. You can also click on the "Contact Us" button in Web/VS (located in the blue shaded area on the bottom left side of the screen).

Using RPC over HTTPS for Remote Email Access