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Free Flu Shots Now Available

Free influenza vaccinations are now available to medical staff, including private physicians, in Employee Health Service (EHS) located in SSB-200. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Flu shot clinics are planned this month for ...

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Medication Shortage Update

Pharmacy Focus

Ascorbic Acid 500mg/ml 50ml injection vials ...

Furosemide, Bumetanide, Torsemide ...

Epinephrine 0.1mg/ml 10ml syringes ... 

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Printing Patient Results

Web/VS Tip of the Week

When you need to print patient results, use the "Print" icon at the right end of the silver banner across the top of the page.

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Meetings and Events

Arthur I. Johnson, M.D., Memorial Medical Student Reception
Oct. 19

"Divination and DNA: The Hazard, but Inevitability, of 'Divination' in Our New Genomics"
Oct. 20

Comprehensive Approach to the Treatment of Obesity
Oct. 22

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CS-Link™ IP2 Go-Live is one week away!

On Oct. 23, Cedars-Sinai will go live with the Inpatient Phase 2 of our electronic medical record, CS-Link™. With this go-live, nearly all nursing and clinical care documentation will be entered into CS-Link. Physicians will view key clinical information in Web/VS through a real-time interface with CS-Link, similar to how CareVue information is viewed today. At the same time, ICU physicians will begin to document and view patient data in CS-Link as CareVue is being retired.

Part of the go-live includes a cutover step, which requires CS-Link to be down for a period of time on Oct. 23 (approximately 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) as we upgrade the system for use. Following are the key points for the CS-Link downtime that may impact medical staff members:

  • Web/VS will be updated with results for existing patients during the downtime. Clinical information for new patients will not be available in Web/VS and lab results will be returned to the charts on paper lab slips until the downtime is complete.
  • Plan to complete rounds early and write orders in time for them to be processed by 11 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 23.
  • Nursing staff will revert to paper requisitions for procedure orders and pMAR for medication administration.
  • To improve efficiency during this downtime, discharge patients on Friday, Oct. 22, if possible.

During the go-live period, there will be ample support staff on the floors to assist with physicians’ CS-Link and Web/VS needs. They will be easily identifiable in burgundy polo shirts. Please be supportive of the nursing and other clinical care staff during this transition.

Also, the CS-Link “On-the-Spot” Learning Center is now live in the Medical Staff Lounge. The “On-the-Spot” Learning Center will be staffed with CS-Link project team personnel from 7 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 7 p.m. These individuals can answer questions that medical staff members have about CS-Link and the upcoming go-live. Please stop by the lounge (Plaza Level, South Tower, Room 2810) for snacks, beverages and CS-Link information.

Have additional questions? Please direct them to AskCSLink@cshs.org or a Physician Champion wearing a green “CS-Link MD Champion” hangtag. For CS-Link and Web/VS help, dial the MD Clinical Support Line (310) 423-2828 or look for MD Support Staff with an orange hangtag.

Top Considerations for IP2

 Click on the links below to read the top IP2 considerations for all physicians, ICU physicians, and OB/GYN physicians for the Oct. 23 go-live.


Top IP2 Considerations for Physicians

  1. Patient safety remains our top priority. We will have expanded clinical and technical support provided for all clinical users.
  2. Nursing and other clinical staff need your support as they learn the new system.
  3. Team lists and PPLs remain in Web/VS per current practice but will not transfer to CS-Link or vice versa. Physicians will need to manually update each list as they add patients to their service.
  4. Nursing and other clinical staff documentation (vital signs, I/O, therapy notes, etc.) will be available in Web/VS and can be accessed anytime, in any location.
  5. Web/VS will continue to allow you to do the following: sign dictations, sign telephone orders, team sign out report, team lists, etc.
  6. The medication reconciliation process will remain as it is today.
  7. Physicians will still use the paper chart for placing orders.
  8. The CareVue system used in the ICU will be retired. Physicians regularly using CareVue for physician documentation will use CS-Link.
  9. The system transition starts on Saturday, Oct. 23, at 11 a.m. Improve your efficiency by completing rounds before 11 a.m. on Saturday.
  10. CSMG and ED physicians using CS-Link will experience a new look and feel with the Epic 09 upgrade.

Top IP2 Considerations for ICU Physicians

  1. The CareVue system will no longer be used. Physicians regularly using CareVue for physician documentation will use CS-Link.
  2. Physicians can view the nursing and other clinical staff documentation, preferably in CS-Link. Physicians will continue to use Web/VS to sign dictations and telephone orders, and for team sign out report and team lists.
  3. Physicians can view the data remotely in Web/VS.
  4. Team lists and PPLs remain in Web/VS per current practice but will not transfer to CS-Link (or vice versa). Physicians will need to manually update each list as you add patients to your service or utilize the unit list.
  5. The synopsis activity provides an at-a-glance overview of the patient, condensing large volumes of data into a single window.
  6. Core Measure data can be viewed in the Shift Assessment Patient Summary Report. Patient Summary Accordion reports are dynamic and updated in real-time, based on the amount of data in the system for a given patient.
  7. Training is required to receive CS-Link access. For physicians using CareVue for documentation today, two hours of classroom training and two hours of workshop time are required.
  8. Physicians and house staff should only be documenting on ICU patients. You will be able to open two charts at one time. Ensure that you are always documenting on the proper chart by checking the patient header.
  9. Attending physicians will co-sign resident notes from the “notes activity” or the “InBasket.”

Top IP2 Considerations for OB/Gyn Physicians

  1. As of Oct. 5, the L&D and MFCU areas went live with the eMAR (electronic medication administration record).
  2. As of Oct. 5, pharmacy now enters medication orders for selected L&D and MFCU patients.
  3. For L&D and MFCU patients, WatchChild will continue to be used for fetal monitoring.
  4. For L&D and MFCU patients, the titrations of Pitocin and Magnesium Sulfate will continue to be completed in WatchChild. Documentation of a new bag being hung will be documented in the CS-Link eMAR.
  5. On Oct. 23, nursing documentation will be in CS-Link for patients in the Post Partum Unit and Nursery units.
  6. Physicians will be able to view all Post Partum and Nursery patient clinical documentation in Web/VS.
  7. OB/Gyn physicians will use multiple systems to view patient data on Oct. 23 depending on where the patient is located (L&D, MFCU, or PP).
  8. On Oct. 23, for the L&D and MFCU patients, OB/Gyn physicians will use WatchChild and Web/VS to view patient data. Physician documentation and orders will remain on the paper chart.
  9. On Oct. 23, for the Post Partum and Nursery patients, OB/Gyn physicians will use Web/VS to view results and nursing notes, and paper for physician orders and documentation.
  10. Order entry remains on paper.