Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Drug Substitutions Due to Shortages

Pharmacy Focus

Morphine injection nationwide shortage ...

Bumetanide (Bumex®) 1mg/4ml injection shortage ... 

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Inpatient Order Status

Web/VS Tip of the Week

Did you know that you can check the status of an inpatient order in Web/VS? The Orders section can be viewed by individual categories or all categories at once.

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Meetings and Events

High Holiday Services – Sept. 9, 17, 18

Leadership and Life Strategies: A New Mental Diet – Sept. 13

Ethics Noon Conference – Sept. 15

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C-S Password Update

Good News … and a Warning

Having trouble remembering your first pet's name or where you attended grade school? You are not alone.

In response to a request from medical staff leadership, the Cedars-Sinai password policy is being modified to make it easier for you to remember your password.

Currently, your Web/VS password must be changed every six months. In addition, different software programs require different passwords. Studies show that too much complexity leads people to write down their computer passwords, thus reducing security.

Therefore, by the end of this year, your Web/VS password will no longer expire after six months, and you will be able to keep the same password as long as you like. In addition, by early spring, the medical center will have a unified system so that a single password will give you access to most Cedars-Sinai software.

"I must also relay a warning," said Scott Karlan, M.D., Chief of Staff. "Based on recent security violations, it is suspected that more than a few physicians have shared their passwords with members of their office staff. If you are one of these physicians, please change your password IMMEDIATELY. Next, have each member of your office staff who needs access to Cedars-Sinai records apply for their own password. You are responsible if a member of your staff accesses confidential records using your password."

Federal and state laws carry potential penalties up to $250,000 for individuals who inappropriately access confidential patient records.

"In addition to breaches of confidentiality, once CS-Link™ is fully implemented early next year, your password could be used to order narcotics or other drugs," Dr. Karlan said. “Please take this seriously.”

The Boston Globe article - "Please do not change your password"