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Drug Substitutions Due to Shortages

Pharmacy Focus

Morphine injection nationwide shortage ...

Bumetanide (Bumex®) 1mg/4ml injection shortage ... 

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High Holiday Services – Sept. 9, 17, 18

Leadership and Life Strategies: A New Mental Diet – Sept. 13

Ethics Noon Conference – Sept. 15

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Drug Substitutions Due to Shortages

Pharmacy Focus

Morphine Injection Nationwide Shortage

Due to manufacturing delays, there is currently a nationwide shortage of all formulations of morphine injection. It is unclear at this time how long the shortage will continue. However, given that Cedars-Sinai's current supply of morphine injection is critically low, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Anesthesiology Chairs have approved an automatic substitution from morphine injection to HYDROmorphone (Dilaudid®) injection at the following ratio: morphine 10mg IV= HYDROmorphone 1.5mg IV.

Please order HYDROmorphone (Dilaudid®) injection for your patients unless they meet the following criteria: neonates, HYDROmorphone allergy, or cardiac patients with chest pain.

Morphine Injection Shortage and Substitution

Bumetanide (Bumex®) 1mg/4ml Injection Shortage

Bumetanide 1mg/4ml injection is also currently on shortage from the manufacturer. However, since bumetanide 2.5mg/10ml injection vials are still available, we are in the process of changing all of our bumetanide stock from 1mg/4ml to 2.5mg/10ml.

Please note that although the vial size will change, the concentration (0.25mg/ml) will remain the same.