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Drug Substitutions Due to Shortages

Pharmacy Focus

Morphine injection nationwide shortage ...

Bumetanide (Bumex®) 1mg/4ml injection shortage ... 

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Inpatient Order Status

Web/VS Tip of the Week

Did you know that you can check the status of an inpatient order in Web/VS? The Orders section can be viewed by individual categories or all categories at once.

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Meetings and Events

High Holiday Services – Sept. 9, 17, 18

Leadership and Life Strategies: A New Mental Diet – Sept. 13

Ethics Noon Conference – Sept. 15

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STAT vs. Wet Readings for Imaging Studies

A plan has been developed with the Quality Improvement Committee to clarify requests for STAT and Wet Readings.

STATs apply to the performance of the examination and Wet Readings apply to the interpretation. Ordering a study as a STAT will result in it being performed more quickly (as indicated below), but that will not generate a wet reading unless specifically requested.

Exam Performance "STAT":

  • The study will be performed within four hours.

Exam Interpretation "Wet Read":

  • The interpretation will occur within two hours of the performance of the study. The interpretation will be called to whoever is designated on the request form. If no person is designated, the report will be called to the ordering physician.

Exam Performance and Interpretation "STAT Wet Read":

  • For both a quick exam and a quick report, order both a STAT and Wet Read.