Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Physicians and Families Hit the Beach

More than 160 members of the medical staff, their families and friends hit the beach at this year's Sand 'N Snore event, which was held July 15-16 at the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica.

Participants had a barbecue dinner on the beach and many stayed the night in their tents on the sand.

Special thanks go to Marjorie Santore-Besson in the President's Office and her assistant, Cheryl Verne, for organizing this event on behalf of the medical staff.

Photos by Thomas Neerken

Sand Pang

Frances Pang, MD, hauls her gear to the beach.

Sand-Urman Hekmati

Armand Hekmati, MD, and Mark Urman, MD, shake hands.

Sand Artal

Roy Artal, MD, and his daughter

Sand Galen Friedman

Steve Galen, MD, and Laurence Friedman, MD

Sand Ng

Chris Ng, MD, and his family were among the first to arrive.


Campers enjoy hors d’oeuvres on the beach.

Sand Tahery

Michael Tahery, MD, and his kids

Sand Riggs

Richard Riggs, MD, and his daughter toast.

Sand Ishimori

Mariko L. Ishimori, MD, and family

Sand Platt Brien

Chairman of the Board of Directors Larry Platt, left, visits with William Brien, MD, and his wife.

Sand-Friedman Football

Laurence Friedman, MD, plays quarterback

Sand Kids Truck

Sand 'N Snore serves as a reunion for many physicians' children who look forward to seeing each other.


Stephen Copen, MD, helps his son roast marshmallows.

Sand Wang

Jerome Wang, MD, and his family


Steven Romick, member of the Board of Directors, and his daughter joined in the medical staff's fun again.