Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Lunch on Us

Annual Medical Staff Meeting is Oct. 24

Chief of Staff Scott Karlan, MD, will discuss the climate of change at the medical center and President and CEO Thomas M. Priselac will speak at the lunch meeting, which runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24, in Harvey Morse Auditorium.

The 2011 Pioneer in Medicine Award will be presented along with the Chief of Staff Award.

Annual Meeting of the Medical Staff (PDF)

P&T Committee Approvals Released

Pharmacy Focus

Click the PDF below to review the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee's September approvals.

P&T Decisions September 2011 (PDF)

Meetings and Events

Grand Rounds

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Upcoming CME Conferences

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CME Newsletter - October 2011 (PDF)

Share Your News

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117 Honored by Circle of Friends in September

More than 100 people were honored by the Circle of Friends program in August, including 95 physicians.

Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai. When a gift is made, the person being honored receives a custom lapel pin and a letter of acknowledgement.

Click here for more information about the program and for a list of past honorees.

  • Kenneth Adashek, MD

  • Kristy Y. Kim, MD
  • Arie Alkaley, MD
  • Ryan H. Kotton, MD
  • Michelle Amarillas, RN
  • Gary E. Leach, MD
  • Joel A. Aronowitz, MD
  • Christopher Lemones
  • Mark J. Ault, MD
  • Ronald S. Leuchter, MD
  • Sushma Bhaudauria, MD
  • Andrew J. Li, MD
  • Marvalene Bickerstaff
  • Simon K. Lo, MD
  • Philip G. Brooks, MD
  • Joseph Loewy, MD
  • Erik A. Brown
  • Anthony J. Loffredo, MD
  • Ilana Cass, MD
  • Howard Mandel, MD
  • Kirk Y. Chang, MD
  • Amber Marbury
  • Wendy W. Cheng, MD
  • Robert McKenna, Jr., MD
  • Alice P. Chung, MD
  • Gail Millan, MN, RN, BC
  • J. Louis Cohen, MD
  • Bruce L. Miller, MD
  • Jeffrey Conklin, MD
  • Charles N. Moon, MD
  • Judy L. Conley
  • Larry H. Nagaoka
  • Stephen R. Corday, MD
  • Arpine Nahabedian, RN
  • Catherine M. Dang, MD
  • Ronald B. Natale, MD
  • Moise Danielpour, MD
  • Christopher S. Ng, MD
  • Robert W. Decker, MD
  • Nicholas Nissen, MD
  • Rick B. Delamarter, MD
  • Anne L. Peters, MD
  • Noam Z. Drazin, MD
  • Edward H. Phillips, MD
  • Marla C. Dubinsky, MD
  • Howard E. Pitchon, MD
  • Omar A. Durra, MD
  • Farrokh F. Poordad, MD
  • David A. Feldmar, MD
  • Jennifer M. Rack, MA CCC-SLP
  • Robert A. Figlin, MD
  • Rajeev K. Rao, MD
  • Phillip R. Fleshner, MD
  • Robert Richter , MD
  • Gregory Fontana, MD
  • Charlotte Roberts, CDE
  • Gerhard J. Fuchs, MD
  • Jay S. Rudin, MD
  • Clark Fuller, MD
  • Paul A. Rudnick, MD
  • Daryl C. Gabas, RN
  • Bruce Samuels, MD
  • Steven S. Galen, MD
  • Tanya M. Sanders, RN
  • Elayne K. Garber, MD
  • Benjamin S. Santos, MD
  • Avrom Gart, MD
  • Jay Schapira, MD
  • Nilo D. Gellegani, RN
  • John L. Sherman, MD
  • Eli Ginsburg, MD
  • Chrisandra L. Shufelt, MD, MS
  • Armando E. Giuliano, MD
  • Ellen Shukhman, RN, BSN, CCTC
  • Neil J. Goldberg, MD
  • Andrew Ira Spitzer, MD
  • Jeffrey Goodman, MD
  • William P. Stanford, MD, PhD
  • Martin Gordon, MD
  • Jasminka Stegic, MS, ANP-BC, CCRN
  • Paul J. Grodan , MD
  • Jerrold H. Steiner, MD
  • Inna Gromova, RN
  • James L. Stern
  • Lawrence S. Gross, MD
  • Charles D. Swerdlow, MD
  • Behrooz Hakimian, MD
  • Nicholas R. Szumski, MD
  • Michele A. Hamilton, MD
  • Edward P. Tangchitnob, MD
  • W. David Hardy, MD
  • Analisa Traba, RN
  • Donald R. Henderson, MD
  • Alfredo Trento, MD
  • Jethro L. Hu, MD
  • Laurice V. Trice
  • Andrew Ippoliti, MD
  • David M. Ulick, MD
  • Gregg Itzko, RN
  • Mark K. Urman, MD
  • Ifeoma S. Izuchukwu, MD
  • Michael B. Van Scoy-Mosher, MD
  • Stanley C. Jordan, MD
  • Eric Vasiliauskas, MD
  • Neel R. Joshi, MD
  • Nina H. Vinick
  • David Kattan, MD
  • Jonathan M. Weiner, MD
  • David Kawashiri, MD
  • Janet Y. White , MD
  • Kristy Y. Kim, MD
  • Edward M. Wolin, MD
  • Ryan H. Kotton, MD
  • Graham M. Woolf, MD
  • Gary E. Leach, MD
  • Lewis Wyatt, MD
  • Christopher Lemones
  • Clement C. Yang, MD
  • Ronald S. Leuchter, MD
  • John S. Yu, MD


  • Mae Zakhour, MD