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Ten Physicians Graduate from Clinical Scholars Program

Puja Mehta, MD, wants to help stop the No. 1 killer of women - heart disease.

The Cedars-Sinai resident was one of 10 physicians who recently graduated from Cedars-Sinai's Clinical Scholars Program. During the two-year program, Mehta began researching the effects of mental stress reactivity on heart disease and subsequent death in women.

The Cedars-Sinai program provides funding, career guidance, education and skill acquisition for aspiring clinical scientists working at the medical center. Most participants are residents in their later years of training, fellows and young members of the faculty who aspire to be clinical scientists.

This year's graduates were:

  • Amir Behdad, MD
  • Yoko Miyasaki, MD
  • Cherisse Berry, MD
  • Puja Mehta, MD (senior)
  • Ines Donangelo, MD
  • Joshua Pevnik, MD (senior)
  • Heather Jones, MD
  • Jamal Rana, MD (senior)
  • Anna Milanesi, MD
  • Chrisandra Shufelt, MD (senior)

In addition to celebrating the physicians' graduation, Jones and Shufelt each received the Eigler-Whiting-Mann Grant Award. The Clinical Scholars Program is designed to prepare scholars to compete for National Institutes of Health funding as well as other research grants.

In the first year of the program, participants study a curriculum in translational medicine and clinical research part time. The second year includes full-time research under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, director of both the Women's Heart Center the Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiac Center, served as Mehta's mentor.

"This program provides a great opportunity for our young physicians to rapidly gain the experience they need to break new ground in research," Bairey Merz said.

Also honored were scholars who completed their first year of the program:

  • Karen Zaghiyan, MD
  • Frank Ong, MD
  • Eyal Reinstein, MD
  • Marko Bukur, MD
  • Bernice Coleman, NP
  • Silvia Kurtovic, MD
  • Jane Tavyev, MD
  • William Binder, MD
  • Fnu Deepinder, MD

Deepinder, Kurtovic and Ong each were honored with the Cedars-Sinai Clinical Scholars Grant Award.

Members of the program’s 2011 cohort were also announced:

  • Tyler Cheung, MD
  • Michael Schmidt, MD
  • Alice Chung, MD
  • Tara Sedlak, MD
  • Catherine Dang, MD
  • Heidi Shafi, MD
  • Collins Kwarteng, MD
  • Scott Short, MD
  • Alan Parsa, MD
  • Daniel Shouhed, MD
  • BJ Rimel, MD
  • Matthew Singer, MD


Puja Mehta, MD, at right, receives her graduation certificate.


Yoko Miyasaki, MD, at right, was among this year’s graduates.


Jane Tavyev Asher, MD, at right, was honored for completing the first year of the program.