Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

CS-Link IP3 update

The Physician Resource Center (South Tower, Plaza Level, Room 2806) will remain open through April.

Decision Support Pilot

  • A Clinical Decision Support pilot is underway to support clinicians caring for patients with congestive heart failure and acute myocardial infarction on 5NE, 5NW and 6SE. Please offer your feedback on these tools at cshelp@cshs.org.

Protocol Orders

  • Hospital protocol orders such as MDRO screens and immunization notifications require physician co-signature. Please co-sign these orders in your "In Basket."

A lot of improvement has occurred in CS-Link™!

  • We continue to improve the formatting of the "Facesheet." You should be seeing new formatting soon to bring back the style that physicians have been used to.
  • APACHE (clinical severity scoring system) went live in the MICU on April 9. Training on its use is available. Go to the Physician Resource Center in the South Tower, Plaza Level, Room 2806.
  • Diagnosis association with medication will be disabled pending improved programming from EPIC.


  • To addend a dictated note in CS-Link, go to the "Notes" activity and click "Addendum" while your note is highlighted. If you co-signed a trainee's note, click on "edit." You may find that the best way to access these notes, particularly if the encounter has ended, is by using the "In Basket" to look at "done'd" notes (available as a "Public Favorite Search" in your "In Basket").
  • When discharging a patient consider getting the "Discharge SWAT Team" to help. Available through the Physician Resource Center in Room 2806 or by calling ext. 3-2828.
  • For OB physicians:
    • Remember to use your transfer navigator for every level of change of care, and please remember to do order and medication reconciliation.
    • All circumcision orders, including consent, to be accessed from the baby's chart.

Training updates

In an effort to provide physicians with ongoing training, we have new workshops available. Please visit www.cslinkcentral.org and look under "Upcoming Events" for details.

Need help with CS-Link?

You can seek out a CS-Link expert (wearing a red shirt) or a Super User, call the dedicated physician phone line at ext. 3-2828 (option 3), or send an email to cshelp@cshs.org.

CS-Link Go-Live for Physicians - April 9, 2012 (PDF)