Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Want a role on the Medical Executive Committee?

Submit your petition for a member-at-large position by May 4

Membership on the Medical Executive Committee includes five positions for "members-at-large," each serving a term consisting of two years. Three of these spots will become open on Jan. 1, 2013, and are available to be filled by interested and eligible members of the medical staff.

The Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules and Regulations describe the requirements and the steps needed to be considered a candidate for a member-at-large position. The relevant sections from these documents have been excerpted and can be found at the following Medical Staff Intranet page:

You must fulfill the criteria listed in Section 22.1 of the Rules & Regulations. Click the following link to view a PDF:

Criteria for Eligibility for Election to the Executive Committee (PDF)

If you do not fulfill these criteria, you will not be eligible for candidacy.

Please note that a conflict of interest questionnaire needs to be submitted prior to the publication of the final ballots. Click here to either confirm that you have submitted a conflict of interest questionnaire for this year or complete the document online. If you need assistance or have never submitted a questionnaire and need a log-on ID,please call Internal Audit at (323) 866-6900.

The official forms for the petitions to establish candidacy are now available at the Medical Staff Office. Completed petitions accompanied by a statement of qualifications- based on the eligibility criteria of Section 22.1 – must be submitted to the Medical Staff Office no later than 5 p.m., Friday, May 4, 2012. The Medical Staff Office is located on the North Plaza Level, Room 2211, and can be reached by calling (310) 423-5154.

If you have further questions about the election procedure, please email David Kulber, MD, medical staff secretary, at KulberD@cshs.org.