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Dabigatran (Pradaxa) safety update

Pharmacy Focus

A safety update, reversal guidelines and a fact sheet regarding the anticoagulant dabigatran (Pradaxa®) were released recently.

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Meetings and events

Grand rounds

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Upcoming CME conferences

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CME Newsletter - February 2012 (PDF)

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Two weeks until CS-Link launch

Completed training? Take the next steps toward proficiency


Once you've completed training, attend one of nearly 30 workshops being offered. These hour-long sessions provide an in-depth review of CS-Link™ functionality of special interest to physicians.

Office hours

Practice your newly acquired CS-Link skills during office hours, which are staffed by individuals with an in-depth knowledge of CS-Link and Cedars-Sinai's specific workflows.

Workshops and office hours will be available in the Medical Staff Lounge (Room 2810) until the Resource Center (Room 2806) opens Feb. 25. For more details about workshops and/or office hours, visit www.cslinkcentral.org.

Town halls: physicians' questions/concerns addressed

Many medical staff turned out for the recent CS-Link Town Halls. Participants got answers to their questions about how CS-Link will affect their hospital practice and provided valuable feedback about CS-Link functionality and configuration,as well as insights about future training topics. Watch for details about future CS-Link events.

Web/VS after March 3

We have received inquiries from physicians about CS-Link functionality versus Web/VS. Following are a few things to know:

  • Web/VS PPLs and inpatient Team Lists will available as read only - you can see them, but cannot add or delete patients from the lists.
  • A new Team Memo function, similar to that in Web/VS today, will be available in CS-Link at go-live (March 3)
  • Web/VS PPLs and inpatient Team Lists will remain viewable until the end of May. Equivalent functionality is in CS-Link. Please attend CS-Link workshops or office hours for a more in-depth review of these topics.
  • Web/VS Outpatient Team Lists will not be affected.

Physician Resource Center opens Feb. 25

After the Physician Resource Center (Room 2806) opens on Feb. 25, stop by to hone your new CS-Link skills, ask a CS-Link expert a question, or attend one of many workshops being offered. Some of your CS-Link tools and templates can be personalized before go-live on March 3. After go-live, there will be plenty of CS-Link experts on hand in the Physician Resource Center to help you personalize all of your CS-Link tools and templates. You may want to ask them about:

  • Setting defaults on The Results Review Activity

  • Creating your My Patient Lists and setting up the column headers, as well as adding individual patients to them from the Unit System Lists and adding the relevant Provider System Lists

  • Setting up your Today's Patient Report

  • Manage your Preference List of Order

  • Creating some personal SmartPhrases and standardizing your naming convention

  • Set defaults and personalize Order Sets to expedite the selection of your most common orders

Access to CS-Link

There will be a variety of ways for you to can get convenient access to CS-Link.

  • Rest assured there will be plenty of computers and work areas when we go-live with CS-link.

  • Additional equipment (i.e.: computers, workstations on wheels) have been added to patient care areas.

  • You will be able to conveniently access CS-Link remotely (from your home or office) via www.mycslink.com.

  • Apps that allow limited use of CS-Link are available for your iPad (Canto App) and/or iPhone and Android (Haiku App)

  • If you did not receive (or do not recall) your CS-Link user name and/or password, call ext. 3-2828 (option 3) for assistance.

Have a question? Who you can contact:

Paul Silka, MD, chief medical information officer at Paul.Silka@cshs.org or send an email to AskCSLink@cshs.org.

CS-Link Physician eNews - Feb. 6 (PDF)

CS-Link Physician eNews - Feb. 13 (PDF)