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P&T decisions, micafungin formulary addition

Pharmacy focus

April P&T decisions and pertinent agenda topics are summarized in the PDF linked below. Highlights include: drug shortages update, 2012 priority black box warnings and dabigatran safety updates.

P&T Update - April 2012 (PDF)

Micafungin (Mycamine®) formulary addition

Also at its April meeting, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee voted to follow the Antimicrobial Use Review and Stewardship Committee's recommendation to add micafungin (Mycamine®) to the Cedars-Sinai formulary. The same restriction criteria that exist for caspofungin (Cancidas®) will apply to micafungin and micafungin will replace caspofungin as the sole echinocandin antifungal agent at Cedars-Sinai.

Effective Tuesday, May 29, 2012, micafungin may be ordered in CS-Link™. The prescriber must specify an indication to ensure compliance with micafungin restriction criteria.Note: The dose of micafungin is 100mg IV daily. No loading dose is indicated with micafungin and no dose adjustments are necessary for either hepatic or renal insufficiency. Exception: esophageal candidiasis, where micafungin dose is 150 mg IVPB daily.

All existing orders for caspofungin will be continued until treatment course is completed. All new orders of caspofungin will be automatically substituted to micafungin effective May 29.

For questions regarding the micafungin formulary addition, please call ext. 3-5352.