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Pantoprazole as preferred PPI, change from Gamunexto Gammaked

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Pantoprazole (Protonix®) is now the preferred proton pump inhibitor and Gammaked® is being dispensed in place of Gamunex®.

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Pharmacists validating medication lists for high-risk patients

By Rita Shane, PharmD, FASHP, FCSHP
Director, Pharmacy Services

In order to ensure the accuracy of the patient's medication list and prevent drug-related problems across the transitions of care, pharmacists have been validating the "prior to admission" medication lists for high-risk patients.

Pharmacists interview the patient and contact the patient's pharmacy as well as the prescribing physician when necessary to resolve identified problems, update the prior to admission medication list and ensure that the inpatient medications ordered are correct.

For select patient populations, pharmacists also contact the patients post-discharge to ensure patients are taking their medications as prescribed and to resolve any identified medication problems.

Over the past nine months, these initiatives have resulted in the resolution of approximately 19,600 drug-related problems in more than 2,700 patients.