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Tarun Chakravarty, MD, Joel M. Geiderman, MD, Heather Jones, MD, Deborah Lehman, MD, Paul W. Noble, MD, Joshua Pevnick, MD, MSHS, and Krishna Singh, MD, are highlighted.

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CS-Link Tip: Radiant and Wet Reads

This week's CS-Link™ tip comes from Barry D. Pressman, MD, chair of the Department of Radiology. He explains that with the Radiant go-live, the wet reads are easier to get. Radiant is the module now live in CS-Link that supports the imaging workflows.

With a single click, the imaging report can be opened either from Chart Review or Results Review. The Wet Read information is available in that opened report under "Exam Information" about a third of the way down.

Pressman notes that when the imager's report is completed, the final version of the report will be accessed the same way and will be visible at the top of the screen under "Study Results." This improvement will decrease the number of clicks needed to review the reports.

To see the screen shot in the Job Aid, click here to visit CS-Link Central, scroll down to section titled Non-Imaging Staff, and click on the "Viewing Wet Reads" link.