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P and T Approvals, Tramadol Change, Warnings About Promacta and Sporanox

Pharmacy Focus

See highlights of the June 3 meeting of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Also, tramadol is now being managed as a controlled substance, and the federal government has released a warning about Promacta and a list of contraindications for Sporanox.

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Meetings and Events

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CME Newsletter - August 2014 (PDF)


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New Alerts Implemented in CS-Link

New "passive alerts" have been turned on in CS-Link™ to serve as reminders for health maintenance and preventive care documentation.

The alerts pertain only to physicians who use CS-Link in their office and who serve a primary care function, including those in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Nephrology.

These alerts are not pop-ups, so they will be unobtrusive. Your navigator "Best Practice" tab will be highlighted in yellow when the alert is active. You can click on the tab to reveal the alert. 

The four new alerts, which help you document that a patient was counseled in certain areas, are necessary for Cedars-Sinai's Medicare Shared Savings Program accountable care organization (ACO) and to meet meaningful use criteria.

For each alert, there is a "discussed" SmartPhrase that starts with ".dis." If you use the SmartPhrase in your note, it includes a link that automatically satisfies the requirements of the ACO and meaningful use.

The phrases are:

  • Counseling a patient who smokes: .dissmoking
  • Counseling a patient with a single blood pressure elevation without a diagnosis of hypertension: .dishtn
  • Counseling a patient with a positive depression screen without the diagnosis of depression: .disdepression
  • Counseling a patient with a body mass index above 25 or below 18: .disbmi

Unlike normal SmartPhrases, these are encoded and can be used for reporting. Do not save and modify them as your own. If you have a suggestion to improve the phrase, please contact Maya Kadekodi (maya.kadekodi@csmns.org) or Lisa Masson, MD (lisa.masson@cshs.org).