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CS-Link Tip: a Big Weekend

System Will Shut Down June 7 From 1-5 a.m.

The weekend of June 7 will have three significant CS-Link™ events:

  • CS-Link will be upgraded across all modules to Version 2012, including the foundation for ICD-10, which will display expanded code sets (also known as Clinical Readiness).
  • The Alaris Pump integration with CS-Link will go live in phases throughout the day on Saturday, June 7.
  • Anesthesia will begin using the CS-Link anesthesia module for the Laboring Epidural workflow.

A command center to support the changes will be set up in rooms ECC A-C and will be available for two weeks. The command center phone number is 310-248-6600.

This upgrade will require a downtime. CS-Link users will need to log off of the system and follow downtime procedures on June 7 from 1 a.m. until about 5 a.m. In addition, no SmartPhrases can be created or edited through June 7.

The command center will have details of the Alaris Pump integration.

Please visit CS-Link Central and review training materials so you are ready to enjoy the new functionality and increase your efficiency.

You can schedule physician efficiency training at your office by emailing Alex Bram at alex.bram@cshs.org or Lisa Masson, MD, at lisa.masson@cshs.org.

Click here for more CS-Link training updates for physicians.

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