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Recognition for Chugh, Karlan, Shah, Siegel, Rosen, Makoff, Barrett

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Sumeet Chugh, MD, Beth Y. Karlan, MD, P.K. Shah, MD, and Robert J. Siegel, MD, received honors and awards from top professional organizations, and speaking at a recent palliative care conference were Bradley T. Rosen, MD, Eve Makoff, MD, and Todd Barrett, MD.

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April 24 March to Disrupt Traffic at 6500 Wilshire

The annual march protesting the Armenian genocide will take place Friday, April 24. The march will end around noon with a demonstration outside the Turkish Consulate, 6300 Wilshire Blvd. The demonstration will continue into the early evening.

Because 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the genocide's beginning, traffic, parking and Cedars-Sinai shuttle service at 6500 Wilshire are likely to be affected more than in past years. The shuttles' pickup and dropoff point until 7 p.m. that day will be moved to the Big 5 store at 6601 Wilshire.

Shuttle service to other areas may be disrupted as well. Roads will be closed because of the march, which is expected to draw 15,000 people.

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CS-Link Upgrade: Patients Able to Share Health Data With Providers

With the April 25 upgrade, current users of My CS-Link™ will have the ability to start syncing data from their personal health devices with My CS-Link.

The following devices and apps can provide data to My CS-Link:

  • Apple Health and HealthKit: Works with multiple devices — including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod touch, Withings devices and Nike FuelBand — that can track weight, steps, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Withings: Devices include Smart Body Analyzer, Pulse O2 and blood pressure monitor that can track weight, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Fitbit: Devices include activity trackers and Aria Smart Scale that can track weight and steps.

Although patients will have the ability to sync and enter health data into their medical record, we are communicating to them that it does not mean their provider is reviewing this health data. It is recommended that if patients want to discuss their health information, they can do so by scheduling an appointment with their physician's office.

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