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Nursing Services Leader Wins Chief of Staff Award

Chief of Staff Award

Peachy Hain, MSN, RN, and Chief of Staff Christopher S. Ng, MD

At Medical Staff Annual Meeting, Priselac, Ng Look to Future

Peachy Hain, MSN, RN, has dedicated herself to improving working relations between the physician and the nurse — one clinician at a time.

Her efforts have paid off. Programs such as the decades-long MD/RN Collaborative, which encourages better communication between physicians and nurses, are leading to higher job satisfaction and greater patient safety and satisfaction.

As a result of her achievements, Hain, director of Medical, Surgical and Rehabilitation Nursing Services, was honored with the 2015 Chief of Staff Award.

Chief of Staff Christopher S. Ng, MD, presented the award during a packed annual meeting of the medical staff Oct. 19 in Harvey Morse Auditorium.

"Peachy earned this award for her tireless dedication to enhancing collaboration between physicians and nurses, and for her unwavering support of the medical staff at Cedars-Sinai," said Ng, who has co-chaired the MD/RN Collaborative with Hain since 2004.

Before the award presentation, President and CEO Thomas M. Priselac praised the medical staff for its dedication and briefly outlined recent accomplishments as well as the importance of delivering quality care more efficiently. Two areas that he highlighted:

  • Cedars-Sinai as the leading hospital in the immediate community
  • The medical center as one of the nation's leading centers in caring for the most critically ill

Clement C. Yang, MD, medical staff secretary, followed with a summary of Medical Executive Committee representative assignments for 2016. Ng then introduced Yang as incoming vice chief of staff and Peggy B. Miles, MD, as the incoming chief of staff.

In his final report as chief of staff, Ng poked a little fun at some of the new ICD-10 codes and reinforced messages from Priselac on the importance of performance improvement, pursuing reductions in length of stay and readmissions, and improving clinical documentation.

Ng also mentioned a few California legislative bills that might impact clinicians in upcoming years, such as the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System and the End of Life Option Act.

He said staff should be prepared for more surveys in the coming year and to become more aware of the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement initiative from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

In closing, Ng urged physicians to:

  • Sign up for Crimson, which allows physicians to look at their performance in areas that are increasingly being reported publicly
  • Communicate with Progression of Care Rounds team
  • Join a unit-based MD/RN collaborative

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