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New System Will Provide Near Real-Time Feedback for Outpatient Care

Cedars-Sinai will launch a new way for patients to provide near real-time feedback on their outpatient care experiences in early August.

NRC Connect Experience will replace the existing Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG CAHPS) survey.

The shorter, easier-to-administer and provider-focused Connect Experience survey will ensure that Cedars-Sinai is able to keep a pulse on the performance of medical clinics by capturing feedback from medical practice patients in a timely and cost-effective way. With NRC Connect Experience, patients will be able to rate nearly 600 Cedars-Sinai hospital and medical network providers.

"This software is a game changer because we will now have almost real-time availability of information to identify and respond to service opportunities," said Neil E. Romanoff, MD, who supervised the project. "The information provided by this new approach will allow Cedars-Sinai to improve both clinical outcomes and service excellence."

NRC Connect Experience makes it easier for patients to provide survey feedback the day after their office visit. After their appointment, they will receive a survey by email or over the phone based on their authorization to contact them.

The email survey is available in English and Spanish, and survey by phone is available in English, Spanish and Russian. In the future, the survey will also be available in Farsi and Korean. The survey consists of nine questions — six provider-specific questions, two global questions and one open-ended question.

Questions catalog how well providers answer questions, respect patients, explain care plans, know the patient’s record and spend time with the patient during the appointment. Patients are also able to provide an overall provider rating, share whether they would be likely to recommend the clinic and provide feedback on how to improve their care experiences.

"How patients assess provider communication is important," said Alein Chun, PhD, MSPH, IQCP, director of Resource and Outcomes Management. "This is about managing the patient experience, and this is an incredible amount of data to help us learn what patients are saying about our providers."

Once the survey is complete, the results will be readily available to providers and leadership. Reports will be available on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Providers will receive monthly scorecards related to each survey question, and vice presidents, directors and clinic managers will be able to track the survey performance of each clinic and its providers to set goals and compare results.