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Centralized Monitoring Center Expands Space, Care

Centralized Monitoring Ctr

The Centralized Monitor Center will celebrate its recent expansion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony May 9.

The Centralized Monitoring Center is expanding in size and capability.

The inpatient and observation cardiac monitoring center, currently located off 5 Northwest, will move on May 10 to Saperstein, Mezzanine level, room M10.

The new space will be able to monitor the heart rhythms of an additional 66 patients and up to a maximum of 352 patients. The expansion will allow for coverage of the medical center's North and South towers, 3 Saperstein and the Medical Observation Unit, and it will permit future growth, if needed, of up to a total of 528 patients.

"The move will allow the Centralized Monitoring Center to expand its services and respond to future needs of the health system," said Giancarlo Lyle-Edrosolo, DNP, NE-BC, CNL, CCRN-CMC, nurse manager of 3 Saperstein.

Since being established in 2011, the monitoring center has improved patient safety with its cardiac monitoring capabilities. The implementation of telemetry monitoring on individual units enables nurses and clinical partners to watch for life-threatening arrhythmias. As a result, patients are placed in the unit specific to their diagnosis instead of being limited to cardiac observation.

The new monitoring center has eight new monitoring stations in addition to new software. The latest software has greater access to information needed to make critical decisions, better clinical support tools, stronger technology security and faster hardware. Ten clinical partners will also be added to the monitoring center's roster, allowing greater focus on fewer patients.

"It is remarkable how the new space addresses every concern or need of the old space," said David Karcher, CNS, MSN, RN-BC, nurse manager of 5 North.

Rabbi Jason Weiner will celebrate the new space with a ribbon cutting and spiritual ceremony on Monday, May 9, at 8 a.m. in the new monitoring center.