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Circle of Friends Honorees for September

The Circle of Friends program honored 92 people in September.

Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai. When a gift is made, the person being honored receives a custom lapel pin and a letter of acknowledgement.

Click here for more information about the program and for a list of past honorees.

  • Michael J. Alexander, MD
  • Daniel C. Allison, MD
  • Maria C. Alvarado
  • Tina G. Ban, RN
  • Sylvia C. Bendimez
  • Valerie Betley
  • Keith L. Black, MD
  • Gene Howard Booth, MSN, RN, CNL
  • Neil A. Buchbinder, MD
  • Linda Burnes Bolton, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Brendan J. Carroll, MD
  • David H. Chang, MD
  • Susan B. Clark, RN
  • J. Louis Cohen, MD
  • Myles J. Cohen, MD
  • Stephen R. Corday, MD
  • Nicole Cutidioc, BSN, RN
  • Catherine M. Dang, MD
  • Jeannie M. Decuir
  • Alice R. Dick, MD
  • Naomi Drucker, RN
  • Cheryl L. Dunnett, MD
  • Shervin Eshaghian, MD
  • Blake S. Feldman
  • Edward J. Feldman, MD
  • Randy Feldman, MD
  • Louis S. Fishman, MD
  • Dorothy Forneris, RN
  • Larry Froch, MD
  • Gerhard J. Fuchs, MD
  • Bruce L. Gewertz, MD
  • Raisa N. Gimpelman
  • Eli Ginsburg, MD
  • Judy R. Glover, RN
  • Jaime Hope Goldberg
  • David B. Golden, MD
  • Sherry L. Goldman, RN, NP
  • Catalin I. Grigore
  • Omid Hamid, MD
  • Shibisha M. Hegwood, RN
  • David M. Hoffman, MD
  • Steven Joseph Hsu, MD
  • Marney Jakubowicz, LVN
  • Jametrice James
  • J. Patrick Johnson, MD
  • Stanley C. Jordan, MD
  • David Y. Josephson, MD
  • Ali Khoynezhad, MD, PhD
  • Michelle M. Kittleson, MD, PhD
  • Honore G. Kotler, NP
  • Caroline Lee, MD
  • Shannon Lee, RN
  • Madeline S. Lerman, BSN, RN
  • Yuliya Linhares, MD
  • Cynthia A. Litwer Schwieger, MD
  • Rajendra Makkar, MD
  • Tina M. Marque, RN
  • Blanca S. Martinez
  • Guy S. Mayeda, MD
  • Michael Casey McGuire
  • Troy D. McLeod
  • Gil Y. Melmed, MD, MS
  • Amin Joseph Mirhadi, MD
  • Monica M. Mita, MD, MDSc
  • Esther Morrison, RN
  • Nicholas N. Nissen, MD
  • Paul W. Noble, MD
  • Guy D. Paiement, MD
  • Natasha Panenko
  • Robert S. Pashman, MD
  • Edward H. Phillips, MD
  • Elinor Pullen, PA
  • Danny Ramzy, MD, PhD
  • Sonja Louisa Rosen, MD
  • Barry E. Rosenbloom, MD
  • Jesica R. Salguero, LVN
  • Nancy Salinas, RN
  • Amar J. Shah, MD
  • Stuart L. Silverman, MD
  • Andrew Ira Spitzer, MD
  • Andrea D. Sutherland, RN
  • Charles D. Swerdlow, MD
  • Alfredo Trento, MD
  • Elizabeth Rose Tria
  • Timothy Tsui, MD
  • Robert A. Vescio, MD
  • Xunzhang Wang, MD
  • Jonathan M. Weiner, MD
  • Janet Y. White, MD
  • Sandra K. Wilson, RN
  • Marcianne Windbiel, RN
  • Hong Zhou, NP