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CS-Link PCU Appropriateness Enhancement Is Live

A new best practice advisory is now active in CS-Link™ to help identify patients who may no longer require Progressive Care Unit (PCU) level of care.

The initiative, which went into effect April 12, is one of several strategies aimed at improving appropriate use of PCU beds. The move is designed to ensure that this level of care is available for patients who meet the approved criteria.

The advisory will appear in those instances when patients with a PCU status order do not meet appropriateness criteria based on clinical documentation in the medical record.

The inpatient physician will be prompted to either:

  • Discontinue the existing PCU order and assign the patient to the appropriate level of care
  • Or select a PCU appropriateness criterion that indicates the clinical justification for continued PCU status

The alert will appear at specified intervals for the remaining time the PCU status order is in effect.

Additional optimization to support PCU appropriateness and resource utilization includes a new orange patient banner indicating the active "PCU Status" that will display for physicians, nurses and pharmacists. It also will hyperlink to an innovative "express lane sidebar" listing of PCU criteria.

Clinicians have the option to wrench in a new "Active PCU order" flag to their "My List" to identify patients with an active PCU status order.

Representatives from the medical staff, nursing, pharmacy, clinical transformation, patient placement and EIS collaborated on the CS-Link enhancement.

Details about the advisory and related PCU optimization can be found in CS-Link job aids which are available on the service center website.

For more information or questions, please contact Todd Griner, nursing executive director, at todd.griner@cshs.org or 310-962-7859.