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Organizational Changes and Staff Reductions

By Thomas M. Priselac, President and CEO

Thomas M. Priselac

Cedars-Sinai has a long and proud tradition of striving to meet our community’s need for outstanding healthcare that is accessible, affordable and high-quality. We remain committed to these principles as we face growing pressures in the healthcare environment around us.

Thanks to the quality of care provided throughout the organization, our patient volumes remain high. At the same time, the costs to operate a world-class health system—one that offers education, research and community benefit programs—are rising faster than the rate of payments we receive for our services.

As I mentioned in the recent President’s Perspective, we need to respond strategically to these pressures to remain financially viable while upholding our mission. This means reducing our operating costs in ways that allow us to continue providing the excellent care for which we are known while simultaneously investing in our growth.

Recognizing these challenges, and continuously working to confront them successfully, has become part of our ongoing journey. To maintain our commitment to exceptional patient care and to prepare for the future, we are re-examining the way we operate across the institution to become more efficient clinically and operationally.

With this in mind, some team members’ job responsibilities are changing. And regrettably, the positions of approximately 175 individuals are being eliminated in areas across the organization; as we have done previously, every effort is being made to find alternative placements for affected staff. In making these decisions, we took a comprehensive look at workflows and work processes to determine how we can be more efficient while continuing to provide the highest-quality patient care.

We know these changes can be difficult and disruptive, most of all for the people involved. We are taking steps to reduce the impact and will continue to treat affected staff in a manner that aligns with our values. We are committed, as always, to finding the best solutions for our employees and to providing the resources needed to make smooth transitions, whether the next opportunities lie within Cedars-Sinai or elsewhere. We value our employees and strive to treat them with dignity and respect. I want to thank all those affected by these changes for your service and dedication to Cedars-Sinai.

The economic landscape in healthcare continues to evolve, and Cedars-Sinai is not immune to changing market forces. These challenges require us to make difficult decisions that will enable Cedars-Sinai to continue serving the community and the nation. Thank you for your continued efforts and commitment, which will help ensure a vibrant future for the organization and, most important, for those we serve.