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The Impossible Medical School Warsaw Ghetto ‘43
April 8

Leo Kaplan, MD, Lectureship – Parkinson’s Disease
April 12

Ethics Noon Conference
April 17

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Wellness Lecture: What a Sober Alcoholic Can Teach Us About Addiction

April is all about addiction, so let’s talk recovery.

Addiction is one of the greatest social problems of our time. It causes damage, heartbreak and emotional and physical scarring. It breaks up families and carries self-destruction in its wake. Addiction is responsible for a large part of crime, and consequently, our prison population. It underlies several of our most costly medical epidemics. Addiction has no respect for age, gender or race. It cuts across every socioeconomic classification.

While you may not be a fall-down drunk, addicted to painkillers, a gambling addict, a chronic pot smoker, anorexic or addicted to porn, you likely struggle with addiction in other ways, such as workaholism, overeating, shopping beyond your means or engaging addictively with technology and social media. If you don’t believe you suffer from addiction in any way, chances are you know and care about someone who does.

The Housestaff Wellness Committee and the Office of Graduate Medical Education invite you to a special lecture "What a Sober Alcoholic Can Teach Us About Addiction” with Herb Kaighan on Monday, April 8, at noon. Mr. Kaighan brings a wealth of experience, strength and hope to this widespread problem. The hourlong lecture will be held in the North Tower Conference Room B.

To RSVP, email sheryl.katzovitz@cshs.org.

April Wellness Event (PDF)