Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Training for Incident Reporting System to Begin

Cedars-Sinai will roll out a new incident reporting system, CS-Safe, on Tuesday, Jan. 21. The new system is designed to more effectively document near misses, good catches and safety events that affect patients, staff and visitors.

All staff at the medical center and the Cedars-Sinai Medical Network, both clinical and nonclinical, are encouraged to use the CS-Safe platform.

"To enhance the culture of safety, we are asking all staff to document any event or unsafe condition that could affect patients, staff and visitors," said Edward Seferian, MD, chief patient safety officer. "Training on the new system is the first, important step to promoting a positive and engaged safety culture."

Training will begin in early January when staff and physicians will have access to a short, six-minute training module in HealthStream.

An additional one-hour training will be provided from Jan. 6-17 for leadership staff who review reported events.

The CS-Safe system has an intuitive user interface that will make it easier to report incidents and allow for faster entry. In addition, CS-Safe is designed to better track adverse events throughout the medical center and to provide feedback to operational and nursing leadership—as well as to the staff member who submitted the initial incident report.

Unlike the current systems used at the medical center and within the medical network, CS-Safe will provide status updates, allowing staff to better monitor their entry and be informed of its follow-up.

For questions about training, staff are encouraged to speak with their manager, or search for CS-Safe in HealthStream in early January.