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Security Department Warns of 'Office Creepers'


The Security Department is asking employees to be on guard for workplace intruders. These intruders, known as "office creepers," are non-employees who enter office buildings to steal from employees or the company.

Once in the building, the thieves can often go unnoticed and will attempt to walk out with valuable personal items, technology or information. They are devious and adaptable—and do their best to blend into their surroundings.

"Preventing theft is every employee's responsibility," the Los Angeles Police Department cautions. "Everyone must work together to become the eyes and ears that will help keep the work place crime-free."

To help ward off workplace intruders, the Security Department says you must first recognize a threat:

  • Try to become familiar with co-workers in your immediate area. That way, you can easily identify an individual who may be out of place.
  • If you see someone wandering the halls or casually roaming about, ask if you can help her/him. Ask questions like, "May I help you find someone?"
  • If your building has an access control policy where visitors must wear a badge, you should notify Security (extension 3-5511) immediately if someone is walking around without proper identification.
  • If you believe an individual seems suspicious, notify Security. Be sure to note details about the person's appearance so that you can thoroughly describe her/him.

The Security Department also offers these tips to help protect your office:

  • Never share keys or your employee badge with anyone.
  • Do not open a secured access door for unauthorized persons.
  • Report suspicious strangers to your supervisor and/or security personnel (extension 3-5511).
  • Don't "hide" your wallets or purses in unlocked cabinet drawers or under your desk. This is the first place an "office creeper" may look. Lock them up if possible.
  • When leaving your office, make sure to lock the door or secure your items.
  • Secure laptop computers and other devices to your desk with security cables or lock them in a drawer.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all office equipment.