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Letter From Chief of Staff: New Year's Greetings

Dear colleagues,

Here ‘s a bit of medical trivia to start off 2019:

  1. The limits of the human body tend to follow a "Rule of Three": Three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in extreme conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food.
  2. The American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V handbook classifies caffeine withdrawal as a mental disorder.
  3. Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.

I am excited to work with all of you this year and to improve upon the outstanding work of our medical staff.

Some of the major priorities for the medical staff for 2019 revolve around the following themes:

  1. Improving hospital flow: Serving the community is our priority. When our hospital is beyond capacity, patients leave our emergency room without being seen and we turn away emergency ambulances. We are partnering with the medical center to improve patient flow through daily bed huddles to identify and facilitate discharges. We are asking every physician to help in this effort.
  2. Improving clinical efficiency: With your input, we are developing tools to help physicians better understand their own practice patterns and identify practice efficiencies. As an example, we recently rolled out the Procedure Cost Reports for our surgeons and quickly identified a significant source of waste—outdated preference lists for operating room supplies.
  3. Addressing physician wellness: Our priorities are to understand the problems and develop broad wellness offerings as well as targeted local solutions. As examples, teams are working on electronic medical records, leadership development and suicide prevention. To help us understand the current state of physician wellness, please complete the brief Wellness Survey.

Please continue to share your thoughts with me. Wishing each of you the best for 2019.

Clement C. Yang, MD
Chief of Staff