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Feedback From MD/RN Collaborative Satisfaction Survey

Nearly 500 physicians and 1,200 nurses participated in the 2018 MD/RN Collaboration Survey, providing meaningful feedback on ways to enhance effectiveness, collaboration, trust and respect among caregivers.

"We are excited to report that we have maintained the high level of collaboration and team excellence achieved over the past decade," said Chris Ng, MD, co-chair of the MD/RN Collaborative and former Chief of Staff. "However, some areas saw declines since the last survey, and the valuable feedback from our physicians and nurses will be the foundation for our improvement efforts in the coming year. We look forward to continuing to enhance the communication and respectful work environment of our caregivers and, in turn, enhance patient safety and satisfaction."

Topline survey results include:

  • Effectivness of unit-based MD/RN collaboration committee meetings as a forum for thoughts and concerns:
    o Overall, 73.6 percent of responses were favorable
    o Nurses responded less favorably than physicians (78.8 percent versus 75.9 percent)
  • Views on work team’s pursuit of excellence:
    o Overall, 91.7 percent of responses were favorable (97.9 percent from physicians; 92 percent from nurses)
  • Nurse-only survey results found perceptions of "physician responsiveness" and "physician respectfulness" have increased; "nurse inclusion in physician rounds" and "physician order explanations" have declined since the 2016 survey.
  • Physician-only results showed that overall favorability remained high with an average of 92.3 percent, yet with declines in "rounding with nurses" effectiveness, "nurse-physician communication" effectiveness and "satisfaction with quality of care" for both day and night shift.  

Survey results have been shared with all clinical staff, and leadership continues to work on ways to improve interpersonal relationships and build stronger collaboration among physicians and nurses.

"The tremendous utility of this survey lies in the unit-specific results and feedback," said Peachy Hain, RN, MSN, executive director of Nursing. "We will be able to identify the most effective initiatives and spread them to other units. As we continue to create tests-of-change to tackle areas of concern, we must remember to celebrate our successes. We take great pride in the remarkable work done each day."

Members of the care team are encouraged to attend MD/RN Collaborative Committee meetings to ensure all voices and input are heard. Learn more about upcoming meetings and ways to share feedback.