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CS-Link Tip: Medication Links

Medication reconciliation is crucial for patient safety. All of us should review the medication list and make appropriate corrections. With My CS-Link™, the patient sees the list, and inaccurate or outdated information can be confusing or scary. So, once you have reviewed and updated the list, it's time to get the list to display appropriately in your note.

Many SmartLinks can pull the medication list into your note. If you look at your SmartPhrase, you can see that most of you use a link such as .cmeds. Some of you use .takmeds. What is the difference? Cmeds brings in all the medications listed as current, and they appear green (refreshable) in your note. Takmeds only pulls in those medications checked as currently taking. Unless you change the link to .takmedsrefreshable, .takmeds does not appear green and does not refresh when you update the list.

Contact an EIS physician at GroupEISPhysicians@cshs.org for more information or for help with the optimization and tailoring of your note template. And remember: On the second Thursday of each month, you can attend the CS-Link Efficiency and Review (CLEAR) meeting in person or via WebEx. The classes, which begin at 7:30 a.m., are held in PEC 4.