Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Core Labs Returning to Roche Immunoassay


Beginning June 11, the Core laboratories in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine will migrate CA 19-9 tumor marker measurement from an Abbott immunoassay back to a Roche immunoassay.

The change is being implemented because the Abbott assay runs ~36-40% higher than the Roche assay. While this positive bias was previously announced when methods were initially changed, this positive bias in practice causes many patients who are trending high to be above the clinical reportable range for the Abbott assay (i.e., >120,000 IU/mL). This makes it difficult to follow the disease treatment/progression of these patients.

As such, we will revert back to the Roche assay, which will allow for quantitative following of most patients (especially those who are trending at high levels).

If you have questions, please contact Kimia Sobhani, PhD, at kimia.sobhani@cshs.org, or Anders Berg, PhD, at anders.berg@cshs.org.