Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

New Social Media Policies Encourage Engagement


Employees are often Cedars-Sinai's best advocates, and their voice helps shape how the community, and world, views the medical center. To ensure employees feel empowered and encouraged to talk about Cedars-Sinai online, the digital strategy team updated their existing employee social media policy and created a new social media policy for departments or institutions interested in establishing branded social media accounts.

The policies are intended to serve as both a resource and a guide.

"We want to encourage social media use for individuals and departments," said Carrie Yutzy, associate director of social media in digital strategy. "Our hope is for employees to feel motivated to share more about the important work they do here at Cedars-Sinai, without feeling unclear on our policies."

Employees are encouraged to read both policies in full, including the Cedars-Sinai Social Media Accounts and Contributor Guidelines and the Cedars-Sinai Employee Policy for Personal Social Media Use. Both can be found in the links above and in the Policy and Procedure Manager. Key takeaways from each policy are shared below.

Key Takeaways From the Policy on Personal Social Media Use

  • It's OK to have social media profiles and identify Cedars-Sinai as your employer.
  • Talking about the work you do at Cedars-Sinai is encouraged, as long as it doesn't include protected health information, patient photos or any internal, confidential information.
  • If you're endorsing the medical center for anything, such as its impressive care, it's important to disclose that you're an employee.
  • It's OK to talk about your specialty or the conditions you treat in general, but don't provide one-on-one or personalized medical advice on social media.
  • Included in this policy are tips to help employees, especially those interested in using social media accounts for professional purposes.

Key Takeaways From the Policy on Requests for Cedars-Sinai Social Media Accounts and Contributor Guidelines

  • Prior to this new policy, accounts using Cedars-Sinai's name were prohibited. Now, departments and institutions can have their own social media accounts if approved through a formalized process.
  • The formalized process includes an application, vice president approval, a training session and pre-populated accounts with brand-approved logos, cover photos and names.
  • Before a department can have an account, they should begin the application process by emailing the social media team.

If you have questions about these policies or any other social media inquiries, contact the social media team at socialmedia@cshs.org.