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Letter From Chief of Staff: New Incident Reporting System Coming in December

By Clement C. Yang, MD, Chief of Staff

Transparency is key to promoting a positive and engaged safety culture. One of the ways we are promoting both transparency and engagement is through the rollout of a new incident reporting system, CS-Safe.

CS-Safe will more effectively catalogue near misses, good catches and safety events that affect  patients, staff and visitors. It is expected to rollout in December. Information on HealthStream training will be available in the coming weeks.

The platform will also provide status updates in real-time, allowing staff to better monitor their entry and be informed of its follow-up. Our hope is that CS-Safe provides an avenue for shared accountability, ease-of-use and an ongoing dialogue with staff that entered the event.

As you may  know, each year, thousands of issues ranging from patient safety to environment of care  are reported by staff to assess for improvement opportunities.

To enhance the culture of safety, we are making a strong push to encourage all employees and physicians to document any event or unsafe condition that could affect patients, staff and visitors. As such, all employees, clinical and non-clinical, will be encouraged to use the CS-Safe platform.

CS-Safe is also designed to better track patient safety events and to provide feedback to operational and nursing leadership, as well as to the employee who submitted the initial incident report.

It will also be utilized within the Cedars-Sinai Medical Network, allowing for synergy and consistency in reporting and an ability to look at risk through transitions of care.

Thank you for helping us transform Cedars-Sinai’s safety culture into a feedback-based, positive, data-driven system.