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CS-Link Tip: Using Note Templates in Canto

Clinicians can use system SmartTexts and personal SmartPhrases in their notes created on the mobile version of CS-Link™, Canto, available for the iPad. To use this feature use the "Notes Entry" activity after opening a patient's chart.

This will open a blank note associated with the encounter. Once there tap on the magnifying glass to search for a template or tap on a Speed Button, if you've already configured some. You can move between SmartLists and wildcards either by tapping on them directly, using the right and left arrows, or the F2 button on the screen.

The fields highlighted in pink are incomplete SmartLists or wildcards. They change to a green highlight once completed. Though advanced features, such as NoteWriter and ProcDoc forms, are not fully supported in Canto at this time, you can always start the note in Canto and finish it later in CS-Link.

To see a short clip on how to use templates in Canto, see Epic's What’s New Site for Providers. For additional information, please refer to the CS-Link™ Canto for iPad Quick Start Guide.

If you have questions, contact groupeisphysicians@cshs.org.