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CS-Link Tip: Patient Care and Treatment Teams

CS-Link™ provides various lists to keep track of who is caring for the patient. Two of the most common ones are the patient Care Team list and the Treatment Team list.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, these are not the same and serve different purposes. The Care Team list is used to keep track of the providers that work with a patient over a level of time. This includes the time spanning over potentially multiple outpatient and inpatient encounters. The Treatment Team list is the group of people responsible for a patient's short-term care during a specific inpatient or emergency encounter.

Both lists are available in the Patient Care Teams activity in CS-Link. You may have to find this activity in the More Activities button on the right of your navigation tabs. Alternatively, clicking on the PCP or Attending provider in Storyboard will also take you directly to the activity.

The Treatment Team list, however, only appears in the activity during a hospital or emergency encounter. You can add yourself or others to the list. A useful feature of the Care Teams list is the option of receiving In Basket alerts of when the patient is admitted and either all or just abnormal labs. You can choose which alerts to receive at the time you add yourself to the list.

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