Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Change to Personal Email Access Policy


Due to rising security concerns, users on the Cedars-Sinai network can no longer access private email accounts.

The new policy, which began Friday, Feb. 14, impacts personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud, and is designed to prevent email phishing attacks on the Cedars-Sinai network. The policy also will bring Cedars-Sinai in line with most major health systems, which take similar security measures to protect confidential data. 

A few points to remember:

  • Personal email is still accessible via your phone when disconnected from the Cedars-Sinai Wi-Fi network, CSHSPrivate.
  • Users of our guest Wi-Fi network (provided to patients and their families) can still access their personal mail.
  • Cedars-Sinai email system can still receive and send to personal email accounts.
  • Restrictions for personal email access via the Cedars-Sinai network include the following: All web browser-based email, e.g., connecting to mail.google.com via the Internet Explorer app, and mail client access, e.g., using Apple Mail to access a personal email account.

Cedars-Sinai maintains a sophisticated email security system that minimizes the dangers posed by the increasing number of email phishing attacks. While personal email service has some security features, they do not meet the high bar required to safeguard private health data.