Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

New Guidelines for Vancomycin Dosing Start Feb. 18

Based on updated guidelines, the Department of Pharmacy Services is modernizing the process by which it doses vancomycin [area under the curve-based dosing (AUC24)], beginning Feb. 18. Benefits with AUC24 dosing include: improved efficacy and safety, reduced need for vancomycin level monitoring and reduced total daily doses of vancomycin.

  • Ordering vancomycin in CS-Link™ will remain the same for providers. Continue to order the “VANCOMYCIN PER PHARMACY” ERx [4080310001] in CS-Link.
  • Pharmacists will use vancomycin serum levels to calculate an AUC24 (a marker of total drug exposure over 24 hours).
  • To streamline lab orders, CS-Link lab orders for LAB41 (vancomycin peak) and LAB39 (vancomycin trough) will be removed—only LAB40 (vancomycin level) will remain in CS-Link.

If you have any questions, contact the antimicrobial stewardship pharmacists at 310-423-5352 or GroupPharmacyAUR@cshs.org.