Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Surgical Item Tracking System to Roll Out Jan. 27


A new tracking system will be implemented Jan. 27 to help eliminate retained surgical items.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 27, Cedars-Sinai will start fitting operating rooms with a new tracking system that aims to eliminate retained soft good surgical items (RSI).

The SurgiCount System will be used to track sponges—the most common RSI—by scanning and recording QR codes on each sponge before and after use during a procedure.

OR staff members may have already seen or used the new sponges—without the tracking system—as the sponges were recently introduced to some procedural areas as part of the conversion process.

Effective Jan. 27, all sponges must be replaced with QR-coded sponges. Staff members are asked to remove sponges without QR codes from circulation in procedural areas by handing them to their assistant nurse manager for recycling.

For more information, please contact elaine.suris@cshs.org.