Medical Staff Pulse Newsletter

Core Labs Can Now Screen for Fentanyl

The Core Laboratories within the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine now can test for fentanyl as part of their urine drugs of abuse screen (CS-Link™: LAB555). The service began Tuesday, March 17.

The rapid and automated immunoassay screen will enhance drug screening services already offered to the Emergency Department and other patient-facing critical care areas. The fentanyl test can quickly detect the potentially life-threatening drug to enable immediate and appropriate treatment.


The lab's drug screen already includes amphetamine, barbiturate, benzodiazepine, cocaine, cannabinoids, methadone, opiate, phencyclidine and propoxyphene.

Positive urine results will be reflexed to an LC/MS send-out method for confirmation. Results will be reported right away in the medical record.

If you have questions, contact Kimia Sobhani at kimiasobhani@cshs.org, or Anders Berg, PhD, at anders.berg@cshs.org.