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CS-Link Tip: Add-on Labs for Existing Specimen

Have you ever needed to add on a lab to a specimen from a previous order, but wish the process were simpler? For ambulatory Cedars-Sinai Lab orders, you can now request an add-on lab from within the order itself. This simplified process was added to CS-Link™ in the February 2020 bundle update.

To start the process, open up the initial encounter or a new Orders Only encounter. You can then search for and choose the lab you want to order. In the order composer window that opens when clicking on the order, choose Add-On as the Priority. Note that there may not be a quick button for Add-On, but you can still type it into the Priority field. Also make sure that the Resulting Agency is set to Cedars-Sinai Lab, since this process will not work with other laboratories.

One more step is needed to complete the process. You will need either the accession number, the specimen ID or the collection date/time of a previous order associated with the original blood draw you want to add on your new order. This will need to be added to the Order Comments section of the new order. You can find this information by choosing the existing lab from the Chart Review > Labs tab and scrolling down in the report. You can now associate the order and sign it.

For more information please see the CS-Link job-aid on this topic by clicking here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at groupeisphysicians@cshs.org.